Where Dance begins

Toes 2 Pointe

Where dance begins

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Are you looking for a dance school which is after school hours in Berwick or Cranbourne area check out www.nsyncdanceacademy.com

 Miss Therese teaches there also

They have classes for all agers

Thankyou Miss Therese for a beautiful year of ballet ... I will miss seeing you next year. . I've had lots of fun.  Jessica x

Thanks Miss Therese for a fun year of Kinderballet  love Sienna xx

Thank you Miss Therese for a wonderful year of ballet :) Elena x

Thank you Miss Therese for an amazing year 😊 looking forward to seeing you again in 2017

Anna Duc Lozano‎ to Toes 2 Pointe

Thank you Miss Therese for a wonderful year!


Preschool Classical Kinderballet accredited classes in Dandenong