Where Dance begins

Toes 2 Pointe

Where dance begins

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Kinderballet™  ‘Tots & Kiddies'

$17.00 per class

(payable by the term)

Tots & Kiddies are offer one Trial class

When you choose to enrol the trial will be calculated into your term fees

*Accident insurance fee of $6.00 per term

Kinderballet™  ‘Mummy & Me’

$14.00 per class

(payable by the term)

To get you started we offer a Trial pack of 3 classes for Mummy & me $42.00

*Accident insurance fee of $6.00 per term

This fee is payable before you begin classes

We highly recommend 3 trials for this age group to get the full experience of the class and whether the class is suitable for them.  After the third trial when you wish to continue you will be invoiced for the remainder of the term

*Please note all fees are calculated on a school term base, no casual or weekly payments are accepted.

*We offer Family discount of 10% off the 'lesser' fees. Please note that the family discount is only applicable if the fees are paid on time.

 *All fees are invoiced via email and payable prior to class commencement.

* Fees are non refundable your will be offered a credit to the next terms classes

Our Teachers do not accept cash payments

Direct debit (details on your invoice), Cheque or Money Order (please include a copy of your invoice along with cheques & money orders)

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Preschool Classical Kinderballet accredited classes in Dandenong