Where Dance begins

Toes 2 Pointe

Where dance begins

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Term dates for 2017

Term 1 - 7/2 - 31/3 (8 week term)
Term 2 - 18/4 - 30/6 (11 week term)
Term 3 - 17/7 - 22/9 (10 week term)
Term 4 - 9/10 - 8/12 (9 week term)

2017 Public Holidays - No classes held on

What does my child wear to the trial class?

We do not have a uniform and encourage the children to dress for their dance classes                                                                             
Girls-Leotard & skirt, ballet tutu, fairy dress or favorite dress-up.  We encourage Pink ballet shoes  or jiffy's
Boys- shorts or leggings with t-shirt/singlet top or a favorite dress-up. We encourage black ballet shoes or jiffy's

Do we have to make costumes and do an End of Year concert?

Toes 2 Pointe hold "Presentation Day" in the last class of Term 4 for all classes. This event takes place in the regular class venue, at the regular class time. We invite you to bring along a certain number of guest to watch this special performance.  This runs like a regular class with the exception you will be supplied a costume for your child to wear and keep, each child will also receive a gift of participation on the day. All costs associated with Presentation Day are charged with Term 4 fees. You can choose to Opt out of Presentation Day, in which case you do not have to pay the 'Presentation Day' fee and you will finish in week 9 of Term 4

Are parents permitted to watch the classes?  
For  ALL regular classes we do not allow watching classes as we find that your child benefits more from their class with less distraction around them. We also feel for their safety of running back and forth to parents that is best to keep their attention focused on the teacher and the magical world the teacher is creating for them.
You are allowed to watch their first Trial class and then we invite you in on the last day of term to see how they have been progressing if at any time the teacher feels she needs you in the class we will immediately come and get you

We have special circumstances where we do allow watching of classes
The first Trial Lesson - a parent/guardian MUST be present
Open Day the last day of term 1,2,3 we invite Mums, Dads, Nans & Pops to come in and see what their child has achieved thru the term
Presentation Day the final class of the year which is your childs in house concert, you will be charged an extra fee to attend this class as it will include a costume and an end of year gift of presentation and we ask you to invite guests to watch this special performance
We understand if the child is having trouble adapting to the class or if the child has a serious medical condition we allow a parent in the room
Also if you have family from interstate or overseas don not hesitate to talk with the teacher as we allow watch in special circumstances

What happens in our class?

All classes are designed with Safe dance practice therefore will included a warm up some flexibility work.  We are introducing many new skills thru the use of musical instruments, songs and classical based dance steps.  Teaching students to use their imagination, to take turns, follow the leader all thru fun and dance.  Each Kinderballetâ„¢ program is age appropriately designed by a Highly qualified Dance Teacher and parent Sheryn Zarins

If you have school aged children, teenagers or Adults looking for dance classes in all genres. Please check out www.nsyncdanceacademy.com several locations with a great team of Professional teachers including Miss Therese from Toes 2 pointe.

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