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Where dance begins

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Moving Venue's

Posted on 14 August, 2017 at 23:35 Comments comments (1)
Well due to pricing of our current Noble Park North venue Toes 2 Pointe has had to find a new home in the area. We were lucky enough to find the Palm Plaza is once again available for us on Tuesdays. Miss Therese is very excited about this as this is the hall where is all started for her she went to her very first dance class right here in McCrae Street Dandenong way back in 1968. Maestro Utassy was her teacher and he was an elderly man who taught strict classical ballet in the Russian method, even at this young age he has us doing a full barre and centre work. No little fairies in this class. When he became unwell his wife took the classes and by this stage I was at school in prep just up the road at St Mary's and after school on a Wednesday I would walk by my self down to the Hall on the same street and go to class. Maestro's wife felt that we needed a little energy boost between doing our Barre work and our Centre work and would offer us 1 triple wafer biscuit only 1 to help us get thru the class. When Maestro unfortunately passed away they sold the school to another teacher who wasn't as strict and I did,nt really like it so that's when my Mum found another school in the area which had just opened Ballet Centre Dandenong and it was there I stayed until I started working professionally as a Dancer. So its nice to know that some littles girl or boy's dreams may start in this very same hall as mine did way back then.

How Issabella sees Term 3

Posted on 20 July, 2016 at 2:30 Comments comments (0)
Hello my name is Issabella I go to dancing at Toes 2 Pointe and Term 3 has started and our Tots class is off to visit The Magical and Secret garden its a beautiful place just over the rainbow, Bella the ballerina bear knows the way to get there and we get to visit with the Star Fairy who lives at the Wishing Well down near the magical picking tree. It rains sometimes in the garden but it helps the flowers in Mary's garden grow and the water droplets make everything sparkly, when the rains stops we get to see lots of beautiful rainbows all over the garden, that's when the many animals of our garden come out to play, Sparky and Squirty the friendly Dragons crawl out of their cave then Pink unicorn can be seen jumping thru the fields and we have seen so many colourful birds and butterflies. Paws the cat really likes the Milkshake river its really hard to keep him away from it, we tried to get him to skip around the garden but no he just keeps drinking. We have to find the magic wands to keep the garden sparkly and then plant them to make then grow into more magical glitter trees. Its the most amazing place that we all love to visit each week. When my class is finish my mum and sister Lara do the Mummy and me class and I sit down and watch as they get to go on an adventure travelling around on Bella's Ballet bus it takes them to the farm where the sheep and chickens live they even get to dip our toes in the lake and boy is it cold it really makes them shiver here there every where. When Bella reminds them to get back on the bus they just make it to the Ballet studio where they create the most beautiful butterfly ballet with their favourite big person its so nice to have them together in class as they learn to dance. Bella also makes sure that they get the bus to take them to the Zoo which is the best with so many animals to see the pink Flamingo's are so beautiful as they walk and run around the park. But when they are allowed it go into the zoo thru the gates its the best. I wonder what animals they will see next week. Having the chance to do all this dancing with our dancing friends is so special, Miss Therese always gives us special sticker and a big cuddle at the end of class when we do our ballet curtsey which is how we say thank you in ballet talk . When she says see you next week we never want to go home we love our ballet classes so much.


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